Finally clean

Bright Eyes took his first bath in a week tonight. For the last six or seven days he has been refusing and we have been happy enough to avoid a tantrum and live with him being relatively grubby for a few days.

The tantrums are settling down though, so we can go back to having a clean child again.

He would have been clean last night as well except for a little mishap.

Bright Eyes had been playing with his 'Brum' car all day, and Andrew's brilliant idea to get him into the bath was to say "Let's give Brum a bath." Bright Eyes thought that was great, so followed Daddy in, had his clothes taken off happily and was just about to get into the water for the first time in six days when... Daddy noticed that baby, who was already in the bath, had done a poo! Ick!

That was it for Bright Eyes. He has standards, and there was no way he was going into the bathtub even after it had been scrubbed.

Thankfully the Brum trick worked again tonight! Our clean boy is back.