Tantrums again

This week has been really bad for tantrums.

Saturday: big one before bed time. Why? He was having too much fun with grandparents and didn't want to stop.

Sunday: big one before church. Why? Dunno! Two more throughout the day - can't remember why.

Monday: At least one. Can't remember why!

Tuesday: huge wobbly at the Early Intervention Unit. Again, he was having too much fun and didn't want to leave. It was very embarrassing to have the school principal come outside to find what all the noise was about! Two more during the day as well.

Today: two so far. Daddy went out before school, so Bright Eyes had to accompany us to drop off big sister. He didn't want to, and ran away and screamed. I had to carry him part of the way.

Our 'activity' for the morning was going to post letters two blocks away. First he wouldn't leave the house, so I picked him up protesting and plonked him on the steps. Then I held him tight on my lap to calm him down.

By the time he was ready to walk (20 mins later), one shoe had been kicked off and there was no way it was going to go back on again. I decided a shoe was an unnecessary luxury and we walked anyhow - him with one shoe on, one shoe off! We got there posted our three letters and headed back, but before we crossed the street to our house, he decided he wanted to walk to the video shop and chucked another tantie. Thankfully Daddy was home and could give me a hand getting him into the house, where he took another 20 mins to calm down again.

This is like the bad old days. What is going on?