Some interactions we have had recently

I took a middle of the day shower which is a little unusual, so Bright Eyes was quite interested. He stripped off as well and was hanging around the edge of the shower, so we talked about the water and how it was like rain.

Then he grabbed a washcloth and started to wash the shower screen for me! (Wow - if only this would continue forever!) Our washing efforts progressed and we did each other's feet, knees, tummies and faces.

He then moved on to scrub the bathroom scales, the sink and the dining room table. I would have taken a photo except I thought posting it would probably break some child protection law...

Today our grocery shopping turned into a Thomas the Tank Engine story as Bright Eyes became Thomas and I and the shopping trolley became 'The Troublesome Trucks'. Bright Eyes spent the time chuffing off ahead (but backwards) of the trolley, but he stayed regulated and was very aware of us all the time.

New pants
I bought two new pairs of track pants last week and he refused to wear both of them. He's never had brown pants but I thought it was worth a try. The other pair I knew he wouldn't wear, however for only $4 I wanted to see if stripes would still be a problem. And yes, stripes are still a problem.

I unpicked the stripes from the side and tried them out again today. Too bad he recognised them as being previously striped.... he again refused to wear them.

All was not lost, however. He started suggesting things he could wear instead of them (unheard of before) so I took him in to see what was in his cupboard.

Lo and behold, the only pair of pants that was clean was... the new brown ones. He fell upon them in relief that he didn't have to wear stripes. With a green shirt on, I said that he looked like a tree and he went around for the rest of the day saying, "I'm a tree. Look at me. I've got brown trunk and green leaves!"