Today has been one of those long days.

Bright Eyes told me to ‘Stop it Mum’ at least 357 times. He had two huge poo explosions with vile diarrhoea. His sister has what we think might be mumps. And he and his little brother spent the day engaging in jealous toy swipes and body to ground vicious rumbles.

In order to cope, I had too many cups of tea in order to cope and once had to leave the room to avoid murder when the juice was spilt on the table for about the fifth time.

I think the hard thing is keeping up the momentum, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. It's easy enough to be patient and loving and energetic some of the day. But doing that all day and all week, no matter what, is what wears me down.

I said to my husband today, "I feel like we've had a two year old for three years with Bright Eyes." It's long enough.