I have a cut on my finger. It's in a very awkward place - right between the little finger and the ring finger. It has been there a while now, but it hasn't healed well because every time I move my hand it cracks open again.

I finally decided that I would have to help it along, so I taped my two fingers together to reduce the movement. Within a day, my cut has gotten so much better! It will take a little while longer to really get there, so I'll leave the tape on even though it's really awkward trying to touch type without a left hand pinky!

What's my point? It occurred to me that our bodies are designed to heal. If it's at all possible, tissues will knit together and do what they are supposed to.

However, sometimes we need to give our bodies the right conditions in which to be able to heal. It might be as simple as taping a finger, or putting a leg in a cast or eating the right types of food.

The evidence is in that the brain can heal after trauma and injury. There's no reason, given the right conditions, that it cannot heal from autism, anxiety and ADHD.

I think RDI and the other interventions we are doing are providing the right conditions for Bright Eyes' brain to heal itself. It might take some time and be awkward for a while, but I believe it will happen.