Resistance and bluff

Bright Eyes is getting to a point where he can be bluffed. For many months we have had a big problem handling transitions - screams, cries, refusals, hiding, tantrums, the works.

Our consultant saw a video I managed to shoot while we were on holidays. We were heading to the beach and he was refusing loudly to go. I was overtalking it and trying to convince him that it would be fun. His sister was also chipping in.

Honestly - I'm so dumb. Words have never convinced him up to this point. Why do I think it should work now?

Once he saw that we really were going, though, and he might get left behind, his yell changed: "I don't want to go" (next breath) "I want to go!"

Our consultant's advice was to not get involved in negotiations. For example, if he doesn't want to go to the beach, let him stay (with one of us, but not being entertained) but let everyone else go and have fun. He will almost certainly change his tune.

We have managed to bluff him in nearly every transition in the last week, and we are seeing the improvements already. Getting him out the door is generally a lot easier and he is reacting in less extreme ways. Yay!