Relationships with other kids

Bright Eyes is keen to be friends with other children, but he doesn't really know what to do. He is fine if the game is a basic 'run and hide from the monster' type thing. He can tag along on the end and get excited.

He can also now do a simple "let's go down the slide together" or "let's swing our arms together" or even a "let's build a road together".

Once things start getting more complicated with roles and imagination, he gets lost and overwhelmed.

He is getting the idea of some people being his friends as well. He came in the other day and said, "George is my friend. I just like playing with him. Let's go and see George." And one day after preschool he told me in answer to a question that "I played with Liam. He's my friend. I like playing with him."

Just so you know, he's at RDI Stage 4.