All year we have been working on an objective aimed at reducing resistance. Sometimes I think it will never end, but other days I can see how he is learning to build resilience.

Today and yesterday he wanted to watch more TV than I was prepared to give. He was very definite about it and went into a bit of a yelling/screaming thing when he hit my 'no'. After about 10 minutes, he went outside, sat by himself for a little while and then came in prepared to do something else.

Other good things that happened: he helped me fill a beanbag with beans, and then was really keen to help me vaccuum up the ones that fell all over the floor. He got interested in blowing them around during the job, but he did refocus to come back to putting the beans in the bag. It was great.

He was also keen to help unload the trolley a little bit at the shops. All in all, it was quite a 'partnering' type of day.