Holes in the roof

Bright Eyes and I sat in the crying room at church today which is where we usually sit, but today the TV sound was not working so we couldn't hear anything that was going on.

Rather than get frustrated and consider the morning a waste of time, I decided to use the fact that the little brother was happily at Sunday school and there was no one else in the crying room and worked on one of our RDI objectives.

This one is about imagination. We were playing 'Wake Up Jeff' which of course is a straight script from the Wiggles, so I decided to change it. I said "I'm imagining something really funny."

He turned to look at me with a quizzical face. I decided to wait and see if he was still interested if I didn't give it to him straight away. He turned away for a second and then turned back with a sort of 'Hmmm?' noise as if to say 'Well, go on then.'

I said, "Imagine if I said Wake up and you jumped so high that you hit the roof and made a hole in it! That would be funny!"

From there we talked about whether he would go through the roof (he would) and if it would hurt (yes, it would hurt his head). He suggested he would make a hole in the clouds (what's inside the clouds mum?) and then described what his big sister would say when she saw the hole ("Bright Eyes - you've got to be more careful") and how he would respond ("Sister, leave me alone and go to your room"). Then we talked about what a mess it would make on the floor (a big one and we'd clean it up with a vaccuum cleaner) and how high he would go (very high - right up into the sky) and how we'd have to fix the roof (with glue).

It was a great discussion. We both were partners in contributing ideas and moving the conversation along, and we were both genuinely enjoying the exchange. It really was a real conversation that I didn't have to manufacture.

All in all, not a waste of time at all.