Tantrum because of fear

On Thursday, Bright Eyes' preschool class was going on an excursion - to Moss Vale on the train.

I thought he would be very keen, as he often asks to go on trains and enjoyed Thomas so much for so long, so I talked it up a little bit.

Unfortunately I miscalculated. It turned out he was worried about going on the train. "It's dangerous. I can't go," he told me. He got so worked up that he threw a big wobbly tantrum at the preschool gate and I had to do the old unprise-the-hands-carry-the-child-in-kicking-and-screaming trick.

It turned out fine. The teacher took him down. At first she said he was terrified and gripping her hand so tightly she could hardly move. She noticed that as they got closer to the train and actually got on, he was starting to enjoy it.

I think the tantrum came out of genuine fear. He didn't think he could be competent without me on the train, so he didn't want to go.

I've been trying to talk about it with him all week - reminding him that he was scared, but in the end it was ok and he had a good time. I might have to draw some pictures of it with him.