current update

Things we're doing and not doing now...

GF/CF diet. Not bothering about corn or soy free though. We gave up on the SCD diet... too traumatic.

Homeopathy. Right now he's taking a thing called 'Lycopodium' and it's having some good effects in clearing up his bowels (and consequently brain)

Daily RDI lab time. Plus as much lifestyle RDI as I can get in.

Two days a week at preschool. No RDI on these days.

Planning to homeschool once preschool is finished in December. But I'll just be doing RDI to begin with. He can already read and count and spell...

Not doing
Supplements. It just became too horrible trying to give him the powders and pills. Yuck yuck yuck.

Not making him go to sunday school unless he wants to go right now. I'd rather he has a positive experience of church as he's in that for the long haul, as opposed to preschool.

Not doing morning TV. He has worked out the internet though and will happily play games for half an hour at a time. He's starting to self-limit this which is great.

Not worrying too much about baths or pyjamas or trying to get poos on the toilet. It will happen some day.

No other therapies or groups.