Sad boy

Poor Bright Eyes has been very sad and easily upset for the last week or so. He cries and cries if he suddenly notices I'm not around. He doesn't want to go to preschool or sunday school. Lots of things are issues that bring on tears.

For example, my poor mum was trying to have some bonding time with him yesterday and said, "You're going to come and visit me next week and stay at my house! (which is true) whereupon he said, "No! No! Stay with Mummy!" He ran crying outside to find me and say, "Not Grandma's house! Stay with Mum!"

I feel so sorry for him!

RDA Week
We're off to Sydney next week for his Relationship Development Assessment. This is a six-monthly 'checkup' with our RDI consultant. It goes for four days and at the end we have a new plan to tackle the months ahead. I'm looking forward to it, and to posting what we've learned when we get back.