Autism. Meds Days 4,5,6

I'm not so sure that things are hugely different.

Yes, it's true we haven't had many big big panics. But we've had some small ones.

And today and Saturday he was very obsessed with his Brum and a piece of rope.

But on the other hand, he spent a full 45 minutes yesterday problem solving and working towards an objective that he had in his head of getting Brum to pull a boat. He thought things through, tried different things out, asked for reasonable help (instead of yelping "MUMMUMMUMMUMUMUMUM!") and even put off watching a video until he had his boat sorted out. So that was good.

On the bad side, I'm not sure that a swollen ear for two days wasn't somehow related to one of the medications. Yes, he had a bite, but he did look like Hitch after eating seafood (if you haven't seen the movie, imagine a ear swollen and red, twice the size.)

It's not faaaabulous by any means. But I guess it's not terrible. I'll ring the doctor tomorrow and we'll talk.

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