Autism. Meds Day 3

He woke early again this morning, again in a good mood.

He hardly ate any breakfast, or lunch or snacks. This is unusual. However, he did tuck into his dinner, so that's good.

At 8.00am he seemed happy and calm and the morning dose had kicked in, so I said, "Do you want to go to school at 9 with JJ?"

"Yes," he said. And proceeded to get ready quickly. He was ready to go by 8.10 so then I had to play waiting games until 9. 

At school he was quieter than usual, but nice to his aide again. ("You're a good helper now," he said.) And he did some things with her. A few protests, but nothing that couldn't be worked through and compromises reached.

He was a little bit strung out in the afternoon, but it is the end of term and Friday afternoon to boot, so it's not surprising. He did ask to play the computer, but was able to turn it off when I asked him to so that was good. 

So far so good. I'm happy with the quieter boy. He doesn't seem drugged out or in his own world. If anything, he's less like that because he can focus on things better. We've had some reasonable conversations.

The really noticeable side effect is the lack of appetite during the day. I wonder how that will go when he's home all day instead of at school.

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