Autism. Assembly Celebration

Today marks a milestone in the school career of my beautiful boy.

His class ran the assembly and prsented work to the rest of the school and he felt comfortable enough to sit with everyone in the front of the room on the steps for the whole time. That's a huge step forward.

As if that wasn't enough, he also read into the microphone from the worksheet he had brought. The class all shared about work on emotions they had been doing. When he could see his turn coming up he put up his hand and said, "Mrs S, can I read mine now?" and then read, "I feel happy when I have a toy called Brum."

As if that wasn't enough, he stood up with the class when they presented a song, sang along to it, and did all the actions.

He lasted right until the end and Mrs S was kind enough to give him a special certificate during her class award presentations for 'Great Assembly!' He was obviously delighted and excited and came racing out to me afterwards to show me. 

As for me? I sat up the back smiling my head off with tears misting up my eyes. What a great day.

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