Autism. Learning as we Grow

Our RDI consultant lent me this book, Learning as we Grow, recently. It's an easy read (apart from a few layout issues) and would be great to give teachers and helpers who work with autistic children. I plan to copy a few great practical hints for our lovely school people.

It's the work of some RDI consultants from the US and they've done a good job in helpfully explaining the difference between remediation and compensation* and then giving practical ways schools and teachers can help remediate autism rather than just compensate for it. 

If you're into RDI at all, it's a must-read. If you're looking for practical help in dealing with tantrums, obstacles, problem solving and all of the other things that go along with autism, it's essential. 


*compensation means finding ways around the problem. Remediation means actually remedying, or fixing the problem. So with autistic children, compensation might consist of having schedules, timers and on-hand helpers all day. Remediation would mean guiding them slowly to learn how to think, solve problems and take on challenges. Sometimes we need compensation at the same time as doing remediation, but as remediation progresses, compensation should decrease.