Autism. Scripts and questions

Question 1. Why doesn't Bright Eyes seem to script from movies any more?

Question 2. Why was he so happy to go to school by the end of term?

Question 3. Are questions one and two above related?

Answer to all the questions: School is the new script.

I suspected it was the case, but having him at home for a few days has made me see just how focused he has become on it. He walks around whispering children's names, ages, birthdays and classes. He recites things from the walls of the classroom. He says, "Good moooooorning, Mrs S" to himself and to whoever will listen. He twitters constantly without ceasing. 

This can't be a good thing because the way school as a system is set up makes it an easy thing to script from, and because it is required and is approved, and because it's easy for me to have him out of the house, especially when he's happy to go, I feel like it's just going to exacerbate the problems he has with inflexibility. 

Hopefully I'll be able to work with his teacher and aide in getting the classroom as flexible as possible for next year and in helping them reduce his script opportunities as much as possible.

Oh, this is hard. This is Sooooo hard.