Autism. A full week at school

At the beginning of Bright Eyes' school adventure in June, I thought he would only cope with two hours per day, three days per week, so that's what he did. Over time, he stretched to managing with three full days. Last week - the last full week of the year - he went to school for five days straight. It was happy, unforced and easy.

What has made the difference?


  • He's more able to cope with uncertainty.
  • He's gotten to know the place and the children, so it's become more familiar to him.
  • He noticed that his friends all went for five days a week, and he wanted to be like them.
  • He's gained more confidence and competence in the tasks he does at school, so he's not continually teetering on the edge of failure.


While I've never said that school is the be-all and end-all for him, I'm really pleased to see the progress in his thinking and coping. I anticipate that we'll be able to use school more productively for him next year now that it's all less of a struggle.

And, I'd like to publicly thank the principal, his teacher and the aides in his room who have all contributed to making his school experience positive, relaxed and happy. I appreciate you all!