Autism. All about 1S

I learned a lot today from Bright Eyes about his class at school. He was the Banking and office Helper today. Other children do such jobs as 'Compost Bucket', 'Bookshelf Monitor' and 'General Assistant'. 

"Soon I'll be the Art Assistant!" he said excitedly as he was telling me all this. I suppressed a smile. The child who refuses to pick up a pen and only paints reluctantly wants to be the Art Assistant!

How nice that he wants to participate and take some responsibility in the classroom. A year or six months ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible, so it's great to see. 

A couple of times at home, I've asked him to help me set the table by calling him the 'Table Setting Leader'. He was right into it! 

Now may be the time to add some more formal responsibilities to his life.

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