Brand new boy

"Campbell has new shoes. Campbell is a brand new boy. James is a brand new boy too. James has new shoes too. Campbell goes really faster. James goes faster too. Campbell has a new big striped shirt."

This is what Bright Eyes is telling me to write as he stands here looking over my shoulder, reading everything I am putting down.

He really is a 'brand new boy' this week. He is wearing new jeans and new shirts and I managed to convince him that he would go faster if he had fast shoes. After two and a half years wearing crocs, day in and day out, he is finally in joggers! This is a red letter day!

Why all the improvement? I really think brain gym has had a lot to do with it. A lot of gains have been made in the six weeks since we started doing such simple things as hand rubs and muscle stretches. The body is really complex.

I'm feeling so optimistic right now that I'm even going to negotiate with the principal of the school in the new town we're moving to in five weeks time to see if he can attend part time, maybe a couple of mornings a week. This is the FIRST time ever I have felt that he might be able to cope.

Yesterday was beautiful too. We dropped into our daughter's youth group for a parents' evening. A 5 year old boy Bright Eyes knew slightly was also there. They spent an hour actually playing - simple stuff like 'tip' and pulling and pushing a heavy box but... they were really relating. I am a happy mummy.

Challenges will come as we move, however, so I'll keep you posted.