New gloves and other things

Right now Bright Eyes is wearing a pair of fingerless gloves that he has had on the last three days - ever since I brought them home for him. It seems that clothes hold no more fears for him. What a blessing.

Unfortunately, crowds and large playgrounds and exhibits still hold many fears for him. Or rather not fears, but over stimulation and build up of aggression. We spent the day in Darling Harbour and it got pretty hairy trying to get him out of the playground. He was bossy, aggro, stiff and tense, and generally hard to handle. I was glad to have my mum there to supervise the other children while I focused on him. I'm glad to be moving to a small village where there is not much to do or look at!

Big news is that he will be starting school probably part time when we move. I am finally at the point where I think he will cope with a bit of school and I don't shudder to send him. He's fairly excited about it and tells anyone who'll listen, "I go to big school in Kangaroo Vaaaalley". Of course, he hasn't actually started to go yet... there's a big difference between anticipation and reality.

If you are of the praying persuasion, I'd appreciate some prayer about his government funding for RDI once he turns 6 in August. I need to apply for special consideration for it to continue an extra year. Otherwise we'll be back to paying it out of our own pockets.