Stage 5 here we come

I haven't written here for about a month. So much has happened.

Firstly, our funding appears to be secure until he is seven, thanks to our consultant and her clever reading of the appropriate documents. Yay and thanks.

Secondly, he has completed Stage 4 of RDI. Probably that means the most to me - I like ticking things off lists, and getting to a whole new stage makes me feel happy. We had a look at the 20 'Foundations' of Stage 5 today and we're confident he has those except for two, so that's good too. Once we've moved and settled in, we'll start working on the next objectives.

Thirdly... he's going to start school in Kangaroo Valley when we get there. I had a great meeting with the principal, kindergarten teacher and our lovely preschool teacher who drove all the way down for it, and everything went as well as it could possibly go. The principal listened, asked good questions and then asked me, "so, what do you want him to do?"

My answer was: "go to school part time three days a week please." And the answer was "Yes."

Bright Eyes was funny at the school. We bought the uniform and he wanted to put it on straight away. Then he wanted to go out and start that day. He was really disappointed when I said he was starting on another day!

How do I feel? Pleased, and terrified at the same time. My beautiful daughter came to me in tears and said, "Mum, what if there's a bully at the school and they pick on him?" I assured her that if anything of the sort happened, I would be in there like a flash and would do everything possible to protect him. In the end, her fear is my fear too.

Anecdote: These days whenever we go out shopping, Bright Eyes has no qualms about talking to the checkout ladies like this. "Hello, it's Bright Eyes here. I am number 5. I go to big school in Kangaroo Vaaaa-lley." (I'm trying to teach him to say "I'm 5 years old.")

Resource: There's a new book out about RDI entitled (appropriately enough) The RDI Book by Dr S Gutstein. I have two copies. If you're desperate to read one, let me know!