Autism. Medication day 2

This morning Bright Eyes woke up early and happy. He was remarkably free of irrational protests - I don't think I heard a 'NOOOOOO' all morning which is quite unusual. He was fairly chatty but not in a totally scripty way. We had a couple of conversations which were beginning to be co-regulatory.

At one stage he had a spack with his brother (who was being very difficult this morning) but I managed to get him to think about what he was saying, and ACTUALLY SAY SORRY! The good feelings might have lasted if his brother had been less aggro, but Bright Eyes did at least try.

And he went to school. No problems. No issues. No tears. No tantrums. He just got ready and headed out the door with his Buzz toy for news. He was fairly keen to be assured that this was indeed Week 10 of the term and that there were only 2 more days left before holidays ("and after 2 more days is one more day and after that is no more days mum".)

He's definitely less manic and on edge and has more joint attention. This is a good thing.

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