Autism. Victory!

Anyone who has been reading here long term will remember that Bright Eyes always had issues with *ahem* his ability to do what most children master by the age of three or four, and no, I'm not going to spell it out.

The main problem appeared to be his fear and panic. I tried several times to make it happen. I tried various tactics whereby we took tiny steps closer and closer to the objective. But nothing worked.

Then yesterday morning, he got up and said, "I had a dream that I did that thing I can't do."

"Oh," I said. "Maybe you'll be ready to do it soon."

And when I picked him up from school, he came bounding down to me yelling, "Guess what Mum? I did it?"

Later when we were talking about it, I asked, "Weren't you scared?"

"Yes, a bit," he said. "But I changed my mind! I focused."

We were all so happy that a trip to the lolly shop was in order. I am happy, and he is proud of himself, and to make it even better - he did it all by himself without any help or coaching or persuasion from me. Hooray! 

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