Autism. Good things.

Some 'updatey' type things.

1. He definitely needs his medication, but not as much as he used to. We trialled him off it, and although he did 'cope' he wasn't happy or sweet, so he's back on it, a much 'nicer' child. Of course, the issue is still the increased appetite, but I'm hoping daily trips to the pool where he really does wear himself out will help keep his weight down.

2. We had a good church camp. He enjoyed himself greatly and even joined in playing the family games on the Saturday night. I've never seen him participate in and enjoy games with other people before the last three weeks. He 'hung' with a group of little boys - 4 and 5 year olds, and seemed like he was an emotional peer with them. I'm looking forward to there being more 5 year olds at school next year. He may actually improve his play skills because he'll be playing with kids on his level.

3. K, the aide at school, told me that Monday was a really good day, not because of anything specific he achieved, but because he "was there more". He didn't space out, didn't run away into scripts, didn't need to escape. He was just "there". 

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