Autism. Movies, scripts and new foods

There is something to say for movie scripts. Bright Eyes has been enjoying Ratatouille and has been scripting the part where the chef rat puts two different flavours together. "Mmmm, cheese and strawberries."
Based on that, he asked if we could put strawberries and chocolate together.
"We could make chocolate dipped strawberries," I suggested last week. "When we go shopping next week we could get what we need."
Today was shopping day and he remembered. "Let's get strawberries Mum!" I balked a bit when I saw the price at $5 a punnet, but he seemed really keen. When we got home we worked together to find a bowl, melt the chocolate (GF-CF Sweet William chocolate chips), dip the strawberries, let them dry and then, of course, eat them.
With the first two he put in his mouth, it was all about the chocolate. But on the third, he said, "I like the strawberry part!"
This is the first time he has ever put strawberries into his mouth. It is a new food - the first for probably a year or more - and it's a fruit, with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Yay yay yay. I don't care about a little bit of chocolate. Who knows, maybe next time he'll eat the berry without it!