Autism. "Can I live with you?"

Bright Eyes' lovely aide has been cooking with him this week at school. In their first session, they included J, a little boy from his class.

Yesterday they made chocolate chip cookies before the cross country carnival. I went up after the carnival to see how the children were going and Bright Eyes ran up to me. 

"Mum, can I give J two cookies and everyone else in my class one?" he asked.

"Um, I guess so," I said. Then I saw J, standing next to me, trying to talk.

"Excuse me," he said.

'Oh, he's going to ask me if he can have two cookies,' I thought to myself. I was surprised when instead he came out with, "Can I live with you?"

"Maybe not live with us, but you could come around for a playdate," I suggested. His face lit up and Bright Eyes looked very happy as well.

So we've arranged a playdate on Friday. I think it's Bright Eyes' first specific playdate with a boy his own age at our house, and I'm very happy. He's making a friend.