Autism. A successful playdate.

Allow me to report, in superlatives, on the success of Bright Eyes' first 'boy-of-the-same-age-arranged-specifically-for-him' playdate. 

It was better than great. I picked little J and his brother B (a year younger) up from school together with Bright Eyes. They ran in happily, ate afternoon tea, had a party in the cubby house, played with water guns, dressed up as super heroes, swung on the big swing, and generally did what six year old boys do when they have playdates.

When J's dad came to pick the boys up after a bit more than an hour, Bright Eyes and J ran away with the usual six year old logic that states 'if we hide, perhaps we won't have to go home...'

It was a happy, brilliant time, and I was delighted to listen to the cheerful chatter. Yay yay yay.