Autism. 89cm and counting...

Yesterday I turned up to school at pick up time to see Bright Eyes with his teacher's aide doing French Knitting in the classroom.

The knitting was part of a two week arts project the children are doing with a guest artist. I had heard about it, and was sceptical that Bright Eyes would actually want to participate, but I saw a happy boy working with K and actually using his fingers (all of them!) to create something that had obviously taken more time than just two minutes.

It turns out that he has 'knitted' an 89cm length of woollen tail. It's blue, of course (that being Thomas's colour), and it looks great.

Apparently he started out a little bit flustered and uptight when the class moved up to the art room to begin with, and was insulting the whole project as 'garbage' but once K took him out to a quiet spot and he was able to get the hang of the craft without the extra noise and stimulation, he could move back in quite happily.

SO exciting!

And then the library teacher told me today that he turned up to library having forgotten his book (that's probably my fault), but he didn't have a meltdown like he did last week in the same situation. He just announced in his loud and booming voice that "I don't have my book Mrs N!" She said, "Oh well, we all forget things, don't we," and left it at that.

It's been such a good week, so I have to ask, 'What's making the difference?' 

I'm inclined to put it down to a few things. Excellent work by the teacher and aide for a start. The new homeopathics he's been on for a month now. Slightly better eating.

And as well, the fact that I've been praying over him specifically and out loud every night before I go to bed.