Autism. Two more lovely updates


I have two things to write about, with immense thankfulness.

First, is Bright Eyes' wonderful welcome of his cousins. My brother and his family have been living overseas for three years now, and returned back to Australia this week for an eight-week 'break'.

Before they arrived, Bright Eyes' helped me pick out a Thomas train for his four year old cousin's birthday present, and as soon as he saw them come through the gates in the airport, he rushed over to me.

"Mum, where's J's Thomas? I have to give it to him!"

So his first act of welcome was to find and kindly give his cousin a birthday present that he would really have loved to have had himself.

For the rest of the day, I noticed him showing things to his cousins and aunt and uncle, trying to play with the group of children, and helping J find what he needed in the box of toys we had brought up for them to borrow while they are here.

It was noticeable that he wanted to interact, and that he was capable of interacting with all of them to about a four year old level. 

I loved it when he said to J, "You're my best cousin!"



The second wonderful thing happened just this morning. My beautiful son actually sat next to me in church! 

For those of you who haven't been following for the four years or so that I've been writing about him, the history of Bright Eyes in church is not a happy one. We've been through screaming stages, running away stages, sitting outside stages and whining stages.

A year ago when we arrived here, I spent at least half the service outside the building, either chasing or trying to keep Bright Eyes in one spot. 

Things have progressed, however, and this morning, he sat next to me with his little hand tucked into my arm. 

"What does that word on the screen mean Mum?" he'd whisper here and there. Or, "Will Giacomo be coming this morning?"

At one stage he moved across the aisle to sit with another little girl, but he didn't try to run out, and he quickly came back. 

With JJ on one side of me, Bright Eyes on the other, and a great view of Max standing a few pews ahead, singing his four year old heart out, it was a very happy morning.