Holiday tantrums

It turns out Bright Eyes doesn't really like day trips in the holidays. 

We had three days in Sydney in the first week of our two-week school break. Then we came home, unpacked, went to an engagement party, had church and a houseguest over the weekend. Then on the Monday, we went to Canberra - a two hour drive each way. We visited friends and a tourist attraction.

On Tuesday, we stayed home, but with a plan to leave again for Sydney at 5.30pm. Unfortunately, Bright Eyes didn't like that plan. He threw the biggest tantrum he's had for a while and just refused to go. 

"I think he's had enough of everything," I said to my husband and so we did something new. He took two children to Sydney with him and I stayed home with Bright Eyes and the baby.

They had a lovely time doing some sightseeing and staying overnight at the grandparents' place. We had a pretty good and quiet day staying home. So everyone ended up happy.

I think we'll need to be more careful about the amount of tripping around we do. We used to monitor it very carefully, but he's been much more able to do more things in the last year or so, so we forgot that it's not just a case of hopping in the car. 

Anyway, after they had gone, and he had calmed down, he did say, "Where are Max and JJ? I wanted to go to Sydney too!" 

"You got very angry and didn't want to go," I said. "Maybe next time you won't be so angry about it."