Bossy boots

I'm finding it hard to deal with Bright Eyes' voice at the moment. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth has *tone*. It's aggravated, annoyed, bossy, accusing and generally grumpy most of the time.

At the same time I've been stopping to listen to myself when I talk to him. Much of what comes out of my mouth towards him is aggravated, annoyed, bossy, accusing and generally grumpy.

So, while I'm trying not 'allow' the disagreeable tone, I need to find a new way to encourage him to use his pleasant voice - because he does have one, and he can use it.

It seems to be effective to stop, ask him to listen to his tone, relay it back to him and ask him how it sounds. Then I ask him to say his words again in an 'encouraging' or happy voice, and for the most part he can do it.

The bossiness comes out anxiety and the need to be in control. I SO wish he could get over this problem. Boy, it would make his life easier and my life a whole lot more pleasant.

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