Coming back from bottom

We put Bright Eyes back on the drugs.

In one way, it wasn't an easy decision. Who wants to put their child on a seriously heavy anti-schziphrenia medication which has 'WATCH OUT FOR SIDE EFFECTS' type reviews all over the internet.

On the other hand, it was a really, really easy decision to make. On Sunday he was horrible - insulting his brother, spitting at everyone else and generally being obstreperous and angry. On Monday, after 0.75ml of the stuff, he was a different child. 

And on Tuesday: "He was nice to me today," said his little brother, as I tucked him into bed. "We had a good time together." That's the result I wanted. It's better for everyone.

I did go back to the new doctor. She said that it was an error of judgment to take him off the risperadone before we had gotten other things sorted out. We are going to reintroduce all the supplements again (after going off everything a week ago) and then in January we are going to do something about sorting out his extremely low lithium levels which turned up on the hair test results. Turns out if you google 'my child is low in lithium' you can find out that low lithium is indicative of lots of violent ADHD behaviour. Who knew?

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