Will I write this?

I'm debating whether to write this post, because I don't want to be a whinger. I don't like asking for sympathy (although I like it if I get it when I need it). I don't like complaining.

But here it is. There are days when I feel really sad about my son having autism. I'm sad that he doesn't have any real friends. I'm sad that I feel frustrated with him when he talks incessantly about trains or movies or TV. I feel sad that he seems to be aware of his own difficulties. I feel sad that he struggles. 

I'm not sure I need to explain any more about it. It's just there. I'm not looking for extra hugs or anything. I just need to say it because it's true, and because to not say it would be to hide how I feel, and I'm not sure that's helpful for myself or other people.

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