Autism. Mr Scripty.

Boy, oh boy, can my son script. 

He has scripts running in his head All The Time. It makes me sad, frustrated, annoyed, heartbroken, angry, amused... everything. 

Almost everything that comes out of his mouth at the moment is based on a script. He's had a really, really autistic week.

Dinner conversation has been so boring because everything he comes out with is the same, or a version fo the same. We are so tired of saying, "Bright eyes, that's a script mate. No more train talk please," or some version of the same. His scripts make us script.

So tonight we tried something different. We played 'magic wands' and 'turned' each other into different creatures as we ate. Max became a mouse and then a butterfly and then a torch and then an elephant. AP was a lion, a dog and a rabbit. Bright Eyes took turns being a puppy, a lollipop and a cat. 

It involved very little conversation - just acting out a part - and Bright Eyes participated beautifully, followed everything that was going on around him and didn't script!

It's inspired me to think up some more similar games for dinner time - where we can all join in, have fun and build our relationships and our relationship skills.

Any ideas?