No progress in conversation.

Having autism is like your brain is constantly riding on a roundabout and can't get off.

I'm a little frustrated. We have been working on objectives from RDI Stage 5 for a Loooong time now. And I don't feel like I'm any closer to getting them done than at the beginning of the year. 

Bright Eyes just continues to script his life away. His conversation is the same day after day. I can basically predict what he's going to say at any minute. It's either 'that person is taller than this one', 'you've got darker hair than me' or 'I can't do it'.

He's made so much progress, but often the good things he does then become his next script and he obsesses about them for weeks and weeks. 

I feel like there must be something blocking his progress. Something that keeps him going around and around on the same treadmills day after day. Why don't I know what it is? Why can't someone locate what's stopping my child's brain from enjoying novelty, variety and the fun of relationships?

I want to go back to basics and look at everything again. I can't bear the thought that this is going to happen all the time for the rest of his life - that every step of progress he makes then becomes his next script.