You may be aware that Bright Eyes is not a very good eater, for all he wants me to cook 'better food'. He will eat only a limited range of foods, and very little good protein, which according to our homeopath, would do his brain a whole lot of good. She's been encouraging me to give him spaghetti bolognese for years, but so far, he hasn't eaten it at all. 

Until this week!

On Sunday we ate out for Mothers' Day and JJ, Bright Eyes' big sister ordered her usual dish of nachos. Suddenly, Bright Eyes said to her, "Can I have some?"

She offered him a big dollop of mince with a corn chip and he gobbled it up. Luckily, the serving was pretty big and she was full, so there was enough for him to have a few more mouthfuls. 

And he loved it.

So, I've been cooking mince for the last two nights. It's great protein, and I can get all sorts of vegetables into it which he just would not eat in any other form. Tonight for dinner he wolfed down four beautiful gluten free chicken nuggets, oven fried potato chips and... mince!

I'm very excited, and my homeopath is going to be delighted when I ring her this week.