TV and family time

The TV train is an easy one to get on with any child, but especially easy for a kid with ASD. Bright Eyes would literally live in front of a screen all day and night if you let him.

A while ago, finding the whole evening bedtime routine just too traumatic, we instituted video time straight after dinner. It's worked well for several years to calm everyone down (mostly the parents) but now it's time to start cutting back.

Last week I gave all the children notice that we would be having some family nights instead of videos this week. I expected howls, but have received cheers. Between the three of them, they came up with our first family activity: dressups and photo shoots. And it was very fun indeed! The next night, we lit a fire and roasted marshmallows.

And then, tonight, Bright Eyes informs me that 'too many screens are bad for your brain' and 'we should have family nights all the time'. So we cut the vid and went for a daddy wrestle instead.

This should help reduce scripting - I hope!