Orbits in my brain

Last week Bright Eyes took a bit of gluten food from the cupboard and ate it secretly. Of course, when he was discovered he professed great guilt and repentance and told the whole truth about how much he had eaten. But even if he hadn't told us, we would have guessed. His behaviour and mood was absolutely atrocious for several days.

In one temper tantrum he told me that 'earth was for losers' and that he wanted to go and rule his own planet, thank you very much. "Earth has only 1 moon. Pluto has 75!" he yelled in disgust. Okay, whatever.

Today, however, having been back on gluten free for about four or five days, he said to me quite on his own, "You know, it's good I feel better."

"Better from what?" I asked.

"Better from gluten food." he said.

"How did you feel when you were eating gluten?" I asked.

"Mad. Here," he said, pointing to his forehead. 

"How does it feel now?" I asked.

"All the orbits have gone," he said, meaning that his head is less frenetic and angry. 

I'm so glad he can see and feel the problems with it. Hopefully the temptation will be that much less next time.