Last year when Bright Eyes' class went on an excursion to a dairy farm, he loudly and consistently refused to go. "I hate cows!" he said. (Which is ironic, given that we live in the middle of dairy farm country.)

This year when the word 'excursion' came up, he started to rumble, but when his sister said, "It's to the Science Centre. You've been there! You like it!" he refocused and changed his mind and stopped any complaints.

When I dropped him off early to school before the excursion, I bleated worriedly to his teacher, "I'm willing to drive anywhere to come and pick him up if it's needed." She smiled and sent me away. 

And he was fine! No, he was great!

He rode the bus smiling there, went to the Buddhist temple ("it was kind of weird... there was a woman with a bald head") and the Science Centre ("we saw a movie on the roof, and it was like you were in the whole entire universe! awesome!") and participated in everything and rode the bus smiling home.

When he got home, he had his dinner, told us what he did, and then went upstairs and danced every dance he knows, played a Brum game on the computer and went more than happily to bed.

A definite win!