I love our new doctor

I took Bright Eyes up to Sydney today to meet our new doctor. On the way he started to tell me how he was 'distracting' in the classroom. 

"Why are you distracting?" I asked.

"Because my brain won't let me listen," he said. "And when things orbit around, my brain gets angry."

"Well, we are going to see this doctor because she's very good at brains," I explained. "And hopefully she'll make it so that your brain has no problems listening and there's no more orbiting."

He seemed positive about it, and the doctor was so wonderful that I feel positive about it all too. She told me happily that he had fantastically bad results from all the tests she'd ordered. I raised an eyebrow, and lowered it when she explained that the results showed all the reasons why he was so anxious and uptight, and that, even better, everything was treatable! 

So then we went through the problems. Firstly, a stomach x-ray showed a LOT of faecal compacting in his bowels. Basically, old poo is stuck in there, which can't be good for him at all! We have to get rid of that. 

Then, a lot of his mineral levels are out of balance. Zinc is low and copper is high. He has extremely high histamine levels. He needs doses of Zinc, B6 and Omega 6 oils, and a thing called SAM-e. 

His eyesight test shows he needs glasses. His hearing test showed him to have great hearing, but extremely acute, which may need to be toned down a little with some sound therapy later on.

For now, we have a list of things to give him morning and night, compacted bowels to clear, and a 'poo test' to do.

The doctor said that in three to four weeks, we'll notice a big difference. And in six months, things will be a whole lot better. Then she hugged me and affirmed me and I danced out of the office.

Monday morning, my first stop will be the health food shop to pick up all the supplements. And then, we'll get going!