Reverse the diagnosis: My five to ten year goal

I took Bright Eyes to his paediatrician this week to get a new script for his very strong medication Risperadone. The doctor and I were both in agreement that we want to take him off it slowly, and so over the course of the next two months we'll be reducing the dose and then phasing it out completely.

I asked the doctor if it was possible to 'reverse' a diagnosis of autism. He said he didn't see why not. He agreed that there was no 'cure' as such, but he said that if a child is coping with school or work, coping socially and coping at home, then there was no specific diagnosable 'problem' any more. In that case, he'd be happy to officially reverse a diagnosis.

So I have a renewed aim. I reckon, given Bright Eyes' progress over the last five years, there's no real reason why he shouldn't keep progressing over the next five to ten years, such that he'll have no out-of-the-ordinary diagnosable 'problems'. I'm aiming for a reversed diagnosis in the next decade.

Eyes on the prize, and keep going!

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