A new doctor

peace, dude...

I'm never satisfied.

You can read all the positive blog posts here and applaud Bright Eyes for how far he has come, and that's good. I applaud too. But I'm still not happy with where he's at. I'm aiming for 'normal' and we still have a long way to go.

So, I decided to start out fresh again with a new doctor to see if there is anything else she can suggest that we do which will help him.

It turns out that she reckons there is. A lot of it is the kind of thing I went into with Dr Criticos, back five years ago, which was just too hard to do with Bright Eyes at the level he was then. I'm talking about supplements and food things. Forcing stuff down his throat only increased his anxiety at that stage. But now that he's so much more flexible, I think we might be able to make use of it. The doctor is also talking about kinesiology, hearing and vision tests and checking bowel function.  

As I got off the phone with her this morning (she's in Sydney, of course) I felt teary and overwhelmed, but I looked at my 'keep calm and carry on' sign, remembered that short term pain and effort is long term gain and joy and girded my loins for another push ahead. 

If you're of the praying persuasion, would you join me in praying that this will make another big difference to Bright Eyes? If you're not, hey, try it just this one time, for me.

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