Excerpts from the life of Bright Eyes.

We've been having some lovely days this week. Hooray for Spring. Unfortunately, just because the weather is good, it doesn't necessarily mean that Bright Eyes will have a happy day. He's been fairly grumpy this weekend. 

Tonight he told me that he couldn't brush his teeth because he had a sore toe. I offered solutions but he didn't like any of them. Then he told me, "I wish I didn't have a family. I'd like to live in the forest." 

Oh really? With all the snakes? In the dark? No food? No mother at your beck and call. I think not. (But of course, I didn't say that.)

He thought for a little bit more and said, "Uncle Richard is single. He's not married." 

"Yep. He is," I agreed.

"He doesn't have a family," he said. He was actually processing this over in his mind. "I'd like to help Uncle Richard in his job."

"You could even maybe live with him one day. You could stay with him," I said. 

"When I'll be 30, he'll be 61," he said. He seemed quite pleased with the whole conversation. The forest was forgotten, and I wasn't in his bad books any more. He then came up with his own solution to the teeth brushing problem and everything was ok.



The school fancy dress dance is coming up. For several weeks, Bright Eyes has been refusing to go. His reasons are that "it's lame, it's for losers, I hate it, it sucks and I don't want to dress up."

I told his teacher, who is organising it. She was surprised. "But he's been offering suggestions for dance music to play. I've even put a few of his songs on the play list. He certainly seems really positive about it when he's at school."

So that afternoon I said, "Miss S says you have to the dance. She's says you're not supposed to stay home." 

His ears pricked up. 

"Plus, she's going to play the song you suggested," I added, for extra ammunition.

He almost rolled his eyes. "Oh, alllllllright," he said, half groaning. "I'll Go."

Easy as that. But boy, I wish Miss S lived in our house.



We had a babysitter look after all the kids last night when AP and I went out for a school fundraiser trivia night.

When she was putting the boys to bed, she asked Bright Eyes, "So, do you get a bedtime story?"

"Oh no," he said. "I've moved on."



And finally.... 

JJ, the big sister was asking him which girls in his class he liked. 

"Do you like C?" she said. 

"hmmm, a little bit," he replied.

"What about K?" she said. 

"Hmmm, yes," he said. "But I don't want to overwork it."



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