How much progress can one kid make in a year?


It's Show time in our little regional town, and what a change for our family. This time last year Bright Eyes was sulking at home, refusing to go to the show because he wasn't tall enough to go on his choice of ride and loudly declaring that He Wouldn't Go In The Talent Show, Thank You Very Much!

This year, we all went to the show. He went on the ride he missed out on last year and loved it. Then he waited around more than an hour to do his dance act in the Talent Show, and another to find out how he went. 

Happily he and his brother (who danced together) were given the Encouragement Award, he went home before it started raining, and now he has wonderful memories of the Show and a feeling of accomplishment and competence in public presentation.

It was a winner all around, and I don't think I've been so happy for a while. Finally, our whole family was at a public event with everyone enjoying themselves and no one - adult or child - stressing out!

What a blessing. Thank you God and thank you to all the community here who rally behind him and who are so kind to him!