Friday funnies

A few weeks ago I took my boys out to visit some friends from school. They are building a house but it's not done yet, so the whole family is living in the enormous shed on the property until their home is ready.

My friend, let's call her Mrs Smith, collared me this morning. "I just have to tell you what Bright Eyes said yesterday."

"Uh oh..." I thought, "what now?"

It turns out that my son bowled up to her husband yesterday. "Hello Mr Smith! How are you Mr Smith?"

"Fine thanks," said a bemused Mr Smith.

And then Bright Eyes asked the question he really wanted to ask: "Mr Smith, why do you live in a shed like a peasant?"

Apparently my friend's husband laughed. I'm very glad! I hope he doesn't think that I've come home from their place and said, "Those Smiths - they are such peasants!"