What supplements do we use?

I've been asked a number of times recently which supplements my boy takes. I have decided to provide a list below. However, please note that these have been prescribed by a qualified GP with a particular interest in learning and neurological difficulties. I do not recommend that you take them on my say so. Please always consult a qualified practitioner. With the above proviso, here's the list.



Evening Primrose Oil

Fish Oil



a general multivitamin. We use Pentavite.

Protein powder - pea or rice based, not casein based.

Magnesium liquid

Vitamin D drops

Zeolite (ZeoActive8)

General probiotic

Melatonin (to go to sleep with)

Aloe Juice. (This is one the doctor would like him to have, but I can't get it down him.)

He is on the GF-CF diet (also avoiding corn as it literally makes him spin). He also takes a very small dose of risperadone (between 0.5 and 0.25mg daily). He does samonas Sound Therapy daily and a series of exercises prescribed by the practitioner. I take him to an osteopath every so often and a kinesiologist every so often. Our 'behavioural' therapy is RDI. 

FYI: In the last twelve months I have seen the most obvious and immediate improvement from the sound therapy and the Zeolite.