I like validation

I know it might look like I have no qualms about putting my whole life online, but I did have quite a struggle deciding whether to publish Love Tears & Autism. It is pretty much lays me bare emotionally to the public. I wasn't sure if I was ready to be that vulnerable, and I worried about what my son might think of it as he gets older.

So it's nice to know that people appreciate it. Today this email (edited for privacy) arrived:

"I went to my local Christian bookstore today. In a store with a cafe, a kids play area, thousands of books, 100s of them on parenting, there, on the bottom shelf, in the corner, were less than 10 books for Christian families raising children who are different, have a disability or special needs.I had to ask for help to find this "section". The woman asked me if I wanted a biography or a "how-to". I said I'd take anything. She handed me your book...

...I am so keen to read your book. Even just to know we're not alone... 

Anyway, thank you for writing this book. And for being an answer to prayer when I was standing in that bookshop feeling like I was the only one."

It's a pleasure. It really is. My qualms are long gone. It's a privilege to talk to such wonderful parents and to be there with you all (and have you here with me).