Share your story on this blog

I'm starting a new series on this blog. You have all heard my story and now it's time to hear yours. We want to hear your story and share in your experiences! Please consider taking part.

Here's how to do it. If you have something that you really want to say, I'm happy for you to write a piece on your own. I always edit work that goes on my blog for sense and punctuation but I will always send back any corrections for your approval before publishing.

If you find questions a better tool, here are some below. If you don't like some of them, ignore them and just do the ones that resonate with you. Or make up your own.


Tell us your name, age and where you live (approximately if you don't want to be specific) and a little bit about your background please.

What is your connection with autistic spectrum disorder? (Does it affect you, your child, the children you work with or something else?)

If you have a child who is diagnosed with ASD, how did you find out that they had it and how was the process for you?

Tell us about your negative feelings, how you process them and what you do with them?

Tell us about your positive feelings, how you process them and what you do with them?

Does spirituality, faith or religious belief play any part in your journey and if so how?

Are you supported – emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually – and do you feel like you need more support?

How do you manage tantrums and difficult behaviour?

Are you fearful, and if so what are you scared of?

Are you hopeful, and if so, what gives you hope?

What do you wish people understood or knew about ASD?

How has ASD changed you as a person or your life as you live it?

Would you do anything differently, looking back?

What are your hopes for yourself and your child, looking into the future?


Thank you for being part of this. Hopefully, if we share our stories we can build community and support for others who are going through similar things.

Oh, and I would like a photograph of you – and possibly your child, if you are willing – to go with the interview. Could you either send one to me, or link to something online so that I can grab it and use it.