Running a MOPS group

Raising preschoolers offer a unique combination of pure fulfilment and utter frustration. In this high stress period, mothers often feel inadequate, isolated, lonely and exhausted.
This is where MOPS comes in. ‘Mothers of Preschoolers’ is a church-based program designed for mothers with babies and children under school age. MOPS recognises that mothers have distinct needs, and they themselves need to be nurtured.

MOPS is different from playgroup
- Playgroups are built around the needs of the child. MOPS is built around the needs of the mother. Children go to their own program – MOPPETS.

-Mothers get to engage in a creative activity giving them a sense of achievement. They listen to a talk and discuss it. They are able to share with mentors in the group. They also enjoy a really scrumptious morning tea.

-By the time they pick up their children, mums feel refreshed and better able to meet the needs of their families.

MOPS possibilities
- If there’s a preschool attached to the church, MOPS is a perfect opportunity to engage with parents.

- The structured talk gets the ears of women who wouldn’t necessarily listen to something at playgroup. You can bring a Christian perspective to any topic – beauty, hospitality, discipline, sex, whatever. Easter and Christmas are opportunities to share the Christian faith in a personal way.

- MOPS offers church women a chance to develop their leadership skills and other talents.

What do you need to run a MOPS group?
Prayer – and lots of it. A team of preschooler mums. A team of supportive church folk who see the outreach opportunities and will help with MOPPETS. A supportive minister. Energy, creativity and hard work, but the opportunity to see great results.

What do churches say?
MOPS is one of the most exciting initiatives in contemporary ministry and outreach that our church has experienced in the last decade. We have realised significant benefits in the life of our church over the past six years. They include: new opportunities for ministry for established congregation; an exceptionally relevant program of ministry; relational evangelism can be effectively implemented; and a natural point of connection between the church and the community. Being a church with a vision to reach and build the lives of families, MOPS has definitely been a significant part of fulfilling that aim. Pastor, Ballarat

Check out and ask the Lord if MOPS is right for your church at this time to reach out into the community!